Ajuda por Ajuda - Adulto e Júnior

The “Ajuda por Ajuda” project aims to support people wanting to regain emotional balance but lack the economic resources to do so. In addition it aims to encourage community and institutions to support this project in order to give their contribution to society.

Currently, we also have the “Ajuda por Ajuda Junior" project which goal is to support children and young people, between 6 and 13 years old, who are in a state of emotional imbalance and whose families lack the economic resources to access therapeutic help. Akin to the pioneer Project ("Ajuda por Ajuda Adults") this one also aims to establish a support network with the entire community since the retribution for the treatment received at Clínica da Mente will be symbolically paid by social initiatives directed at social institutions (e.g. toy donation, contribution with toiletries for shelters/other institutions, etc.). Thus, Clínica da Mente ensures an individualised treatment oriented to the child and/or adolescent.

The idea is to help children/young people suffering from the following:

  • Fear of the dark;
  • Fear of sleep;
  • Fear of death;
  • Fear of being alone;
  • Fear of figures or fictional characters (police, clowns, witches, etc.).
  • Fear of animals;
  • Fear of noises.


Clínica da Mente ensures:
  • - Assessment Session
  • - 4 Therapeutic Sessions


You can sign up by contacting Clínica da Mente for the email: apa@clinicadamente.com. Applications are reviewed by the 15th of each month, 1 treatment being given a month to entries on individual name and 2 treatments being given a month to people sent by our partner associations.

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