Dra. Isabel Gomes


Senior Psychotherapist

Master in Dynamic Counselling


Degree in Psychology

Master Degree in Dynamic Counselling

Postgraduate Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Senior specialist in HBM Therapy

Senior Specialist in Athenese and Morfese

Researcher at Master HBM Research

Email Address: Isabelgomes@clinicadamente.com


There are two verbs that fascinate me: "understand" and "help." Even before making career choices I developed the fondness by the listening, by the watching, by the thinking ... And all this led to resonances within me, to new understandings and new curiosities. It became inevitable to follow the path of psychotherapy. Here the challenge of being able to help people walk freer (from the emotional conditionings of the past) and confident in themselves is daily. Rediscovering themselves ... To be happy! With HBM Therapy that help has a greater efficacy and the human mind presents itself with greater simplicity. There are several clinical conditions that hold me in search of an understanding. Some by the complexity, others by the intensity, others by the limitations. And if in almost all there is a kind of non-recognition of them (by the limitations), there are others in which because they have been installed for so long, they create such recognition ... and rarely are the main intervention request. I am referring to specific phobias. A specific phobia is a mental and physical state caused by marked and persistent fear that one has from a particular situation or object, clearly identifiable and circumscribed. We are in a phobic state, when the felt anxiety is excessive compared to the real danger that particular experience or exposure represents. The phobic state installs itself through a past traumatic experience to which the associated emotions are very negative. Usually appear in childhood and persist throughout life. As an HBM Therapy specialist my role is to help people who are in this state to resize the fear of the object or situation [the notion of probability/severity of the events that create these phobias is erroneously high], so it is necessary to dissociate them of these past traumatic experiences which are still disturbing and conditioning them. Thus, they can distance themselves emotionally of these facts, finding their emotional balance. And the limited normality they live with for a long time will open, session by session, wider pathways of freedom and security. Starting to live, in the face of previously phobic situations, in a coherent and consistent manner as they have always desired and that our techniques make possible. To be part of Clínica da Mente’s team is to be more prepared with the techniques and the knowledge. It is to be able to think differently, to do better.

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