“Shyness is a mental state which prevents the natural evolution of social relations”

Shyness is a mental state that derives from anxiety, this is, fear of being exposed to others, to communicate with others. This fear may have a distinct intensity to each person, originating from reserved people to truly phobic states - Social Phobia.

Shyness has a negative impact on life, because it prevents the natural evolution of social relationships, essential to the human being.

Cases of social phobia lead to depressive states very limiting, removing the individual from all social contact.

Causes of Shyness

Shy people believe to be inferior and that they can be battered or ashamed in the contact with others because in the past they lived traumatic experiences in which have suffered in the social contact and today, the refusal of social exposure reflects the fear of living similar situations.

Some of the major traumatic experiences are bullying at school, aggression suffered in childhood and adolescence, criticism and pressure from parents and educators.

Those who noticeably blush or present other unpleasant physical symptoms, are afraid to expose themselves in an attempt to not be seen in a negative and uncomfortable way.

Main Symptoms of Shyness and Social Phobia:

- Symptoms of Anxiety (increased heart rate, breathing difficulty, sweating, ...); - Blushing; - Trembling Hands; - Dry mouth, difficulty speaking; - Stuttering; - Social Avoidance, denial.

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