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All treatments begin with an evaluation session where the psychotherapist does an analysis of the clinical case identifying the causes of mental and emotional disorders and together with the client, will establish the appropriate treatment plan. In this session, the client will be elucidated about the treatments that Clínica da Mente offers, clarifying all questions that might have in order to decide when to start the treatment. We have two types of treatment plan: Intensive Treatment Plan and Total Therapeutic Plan.


HBM Therapy sessions should be performed weekly until customers feel they have achieved their goals. The sessions can last up to 2 hours and consist of Morfese and Athenese therapies, appropriated to each case. At the end of treatment, there will be a re-evaluation by the Clínica da Mente's Psychiatrist, to certify the patient's condition and to monitor the process of weaning from any medication being taken​​. We always advise our patients, after this intensive treatment, to perform maintenance sessions during the first year, so that there are no relapses of emotional state.

Comprising 4 Therapeutic sessions *:

  • Sessions including Morfese and Athenese techniques;
  • Final Psychiatric Assessment Session (optional)


n this plan, Clinica da Mente will define the most effective therapeutic process for the patient's case, regardless of the required number of sessions. After the Intensive Therapy, begins a one year monthly monitoring plan, during which the patient is followed, having HBM Therapy sessions, a form of coaching sessions, attending workshops or other services that Clínica da Mente has to offer. Therefore we guarantee the full permanence of mental and emotional state of our patients. Thus, the Clínica da Mente has a responsibility to treat in the most effective and quickly as possible the patient, using all the resources of HBM Therapy, so that the client achieves the success of treatment that expects.

During this therapeutic process all patients will be assisted by our Psychiatrist, making a constant assessment of their clinical status as well as a constant reflection of the need for medication.

Composed by:

  • Intensive Therapy without a limit of Sessions
  • Monthly Monitoring Program
  • Participation in various workshops
  • Permanent Psychiatric Evaluation

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