HBM Therapy

"A revolution in the way of understanding the mind!"

Human Behaviour Map Therapy (Therapy HBM) is a therapeutic intervention based on the map of human behaviour. This map explains how people think and why they behave in a certain way.

The scientific view of the mind map provides to the psychotherapist the tools to understand the connection of the lived experiences with the behaviours that are disturbing the person. This methodology serves as a guide of the human mind in which the psychotherapists intervene to create profound changes in the negative states in which people are. HBM therapy represents a different and innovative way of understanding the mind and a scientific method of intervention in human behaviour.


At Clínica da Mente are presented techniques that help to work the emotional system, for people to release the negative emotions they carry, such as fear, pain, grief and anguish. The clinical intervention based on these techniques allows the change of depressive or anxiety states.

At Clínica da Mente there are two techniques that help people free themselves of these negative states, always based on the map of the human mind, the HBM:

Athenese® Technique

Athenese® consists of a set of exercises which promote the change in the form and strategy of individual thought. We all are conditioned by the way we think, by the strategy we use. Athenese promotes new ways of understanding and thinking reality.

People use strategies according to their personality based on the experiences of their lives, in line with what they are and the reality in which they live. But sometimes these strategies do not help them achieve the goals they want and in this sense Athenese® promotes the development of new thinking strategies in order to attain more assertive results.

Morfese® Technique

Morfese® is a dream induction technique based on clinical hypnosis, in which the person enters a dream state, a state between sleep and wakefulness. A dream is an unconscious process in which emotions and experiences are reorganised. It is through dreams that our unconscious mind, every night, processes all the information, all the experiences and emotions that were lived.

Hence, undergoing dreams induced by the psychotherapist, people can rearrange themselves emotionally. Morfese® is an introspective technique in which people do not talk with the psychotherapist, they just dream an orientated and induced dream.

In the Morfese® sessions, people are dissociated from the hurtful experiences from the past and are associated to other emotions. It is a releasing technique in which people find their balance by dissociating from everything that disturbed them.

Regardless of the technique used, at the end of the sessions the patients feel more confident, feeling that the negative emotions no longer bother them, the thoughts are no longer disturbing. What makes all the difference in people’s quality of life and in their emotional health.

Therapeutic Results

In any of our treatments we include medication, only the previously mentioned techniques. We have a psychiatrist working with us, accompanying the patients who have been medicated for several years. At the end of the HBM treatment, our psychiatrist accompanies these patients to proceed to psychiatric re-evaluation in order to reduce and/or exclude medication.

Mesmo nos casos mais graves, os pacientes não precisam de internamento durante o tratamento, com exceção dos pacientes estrangeiros que se desloquem a Portugal e que não estejam acompanhados de familiares.

Even in more severe cases, during treatment, patients remain with their usual work and family routines not needing hospitalisation. The 2640 surveys conducted with the patients of Clínica da Mente until May 2013, with a scale from 1 to 10 (where 10 is the maximum score of satisfaction), shown that 90% of the clients recognise their satisfaction in the accomplished treatments. It is also noted that in 80% of the cases, success was achieved in only 4 treatment sessions.

Currently we are developing a scientific investigation in order to validate and credit the successful results we have been obtaining.

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