The Clínica da Mente's mission is to help all people who suffer from mental and emotional disorders to leave this limiting state as quickly as possible, applying effective therapies and also training professionals able to apply these therapies in their treatments.

In the medium term, Clínica da Mente wants to create clinical centers across the country in order to be able to serve more comfortably the entire Portuguese population.


We look at a near future where you can reverse the mental disorder without the need to resort to medication: changing the negative emotional state to an emotional state that adapts to the reality of each one. We believe that one day all people will know that Depression and Anxiety are states and not diseases, and that we enter in these negative states because of emotional distress and not by chemical imbalances in the brain.

This is the message we want to transmit to all people, helping them to live with a better quality of life, feeling within themselves a true peace that allows them to maximize all their resources for the sake of their happiness.


The existence of Clínica da Mente is guided by values ​​that frame its operations and its continuous scientific study:

  • Professionalism
  • Accuracy
  • Honesty
  • Solidarity


Our clinical approach is positioned in the area of ​​Psychology. Our professionals are psychologists working mental health within the concept of psychology, but with a different approach from the conventional therapy. We understand the human mind and the problems that affect people in a different way from conventional Psychiatry and Psychology.

What sets us apart from conventional Psychiatry is the way to look at the mental disorder. We argue that the disturbed mental state, including Depression and Anxiety, were not originated from a chemical imbalance, as advocated by Psychiatry, but rather from an emotional imbalance. Hence we consider it is wrong to intervene solely in a pharmacological way.

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