Throughout 20 years Pedro Brás has focused on the incessant search for effective therapies with the intention of helping people suffering from emotional disorders, such as depression and anxiety. During these years of research he realised that by talking to people he could understand the causes of emotional disturbances, and especially that the negative states in which they were in were not diseases. Thus, he sought to understand how to change these disturbing emotional states, developing a scientific and innovative way of understanding the human behaviour: the Mind Map.

In 2008, as a natural response to the evolution of HBM Therapy (Human Behaviour Map), Clínica da Mente is born. Its mission is to provide efficient and effective solutions to the emotional distress of the people who seek it. The project, which started in Oporto with just one psychotherapist, has been gradually growing its number of professionals due to the increasing demand for its therapeutic services and by 2013 had grown to seven psychotherapists. In 2014 Clínica da Mente expanded its services to Lisbon, in order to respond to the help requests from other regions of Portugal, as well as from other countries.

Registered with the Health Regulatory Authority, ERS, Clínica da Mente strictly complies with all applicable legal standards to the Clinics of Psychological Intervention in the Psychology field. In the future it is intended to establish a network of Clinics nationwide, training psychologists who intend to use this new approach in the treatment of emotional disorders.

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