Dra. Marta Calado


Senior Psychotherapist

Master in Motivational Psychology


Degree in Psychology

Master in Motivational Psychology

Postgraduate Degree in Psycho-Geriatrics

Senior specialist in HBM Therapy

Senior Specialist in Athenese and Morfese

Researcher at Master HBM Research

Email address: Martacalado@clinicadamente.com

Email address:Martacalado@clinicadamente.com


“Probably all of us at some point in our lives, in one way or another, helped or wanted to help someone solving a problem or contributing to their development and success. However, when I realised I was doing it systematically and from early age people came to me for advice and guidance. I also have always tried to understand others and to understand myself. I think this is what people call vocation. Since then I have only been whet the ingenuity with dedication, interest and motivation. HBM Therapy revealed to me that, in practice, the theory is different. Therefore, I believe in the evidence of clinical histories. I believe that pain leads to obscure places, to alleys with no apparent way out, to refuges that keep us away from reality, from dreams and from our relatives and friends. But I believe in the change. I believe all of us are genetically prepared to happiness. Young and old. Once more, very young, my father quoted me António Machado and I have never forgotten these words: "Walker, the path is made by walking." Sometimes on this road we are travelling we live experiences that weaken us. Tire us. Concern us. Fret us. Many are the "walkers" who come to Clínica da Mente with complaints of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural feature of human life, also experienced by other species. However, sometimes organizes itself in a pathological manner, affecting our emotional balance in a sharp, debilitating and negative way. We open the door to the so called Anxiety Disorders. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a state that derives from the emotion of fear. The anxiety varies depending on the degree of fear we feel and manifests itself somatically. We complain from an overall malaise, for which we find no apparent justification. We revolt ourselves. We overthrown ourselves day after day. Sometimes we even tumble. HBM Therapy is distinguished by the difference because it helps us to understand that fear is nothing more than an emotion that comes from a particular perception we have of experiences lived and perceived as discomforting or even painful. In this sense, the anxiety state is caused by the fear I have to live certain experiences. So the fear causes me anxiety and anxiety causes me fear. It becomes revolting to me to break this cycle, to get out of this web. Too often, the anxiety state is progressive: without effective treatment worsens, especially in situations of increased stress. But that is now part of the past! Through the speacialised intervention of the therapists of Clínica da Mente, the behaviours that are currently disturbing patients are perceived on the basis of the lived experiences as a way to promote the emotional dissociation of the stimuli perceived as threatening. We embark on a joint, pragmatic journey focused on the particularities of each patient aiming at the quick resumption of wellbeing at first, and the acquisition of self-management skills which may serve, throughout life, to maintain this stability. Being a therapist at Clínica da Mente is a privilege for the opportunity to see you achieving the inner peace and balance, while walking and freeing yourself from the emotions of tortuous and menacing past routes, in search of the lost emotional balance. This journey only makes sense for you, with you. ”

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