Dra. Joana Oliveira


Senior Psychotherapist

Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Degree in Clinical Psychology

Master Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Senior specialist in HBM Therapy

Senior Specialist in Athenese and Morfese

Researcher at Master HBM Research

Email address: Joanaoliveira@clinicadamente.com


Since I remember being "me" I always liked being surrounded by people, to observe them and to understand what is behind their behaviours. As I grew older it was awakened in me a passion for helping others in an attempt to make them happier. This passion naturally led me to an academic career in Psychology and later, in the area of psychotherapy. However, professional practice made me realise that many times, therapies were too long, without results and people needed quick solutions. Other times, by not getting the desired results people ended up resorting to psychiatry and they became dependent on a medication, which certainly was not the solution to your emotional state, to solve their problems, feeling ill and apathetic. Here at Clinic of Mind all people who come to us are viewed as being in a state other than their usual state, but never as ill. Because in fact we all have periods in our life of increased anxiety or sadness... Does it make of us ill? No! What we experience in those periods only places us in a depressed or anxious state. And sometimes people cannot get out of these incapacitating conditions by themselves and need our help to do so.

There are also people who come to us telling they are shy, others that they are afraid of not being up to others, or that they are afraid to expose themselves in social situations. These cases of shyness or even social phobia most often affect people's lives, preventing them from establishing or maintaining social relationships. Sometimes in more severe cases people are in a very limiting depressed state that keeps them away from any social contact. Since I started working at Clínica da Mente with the HBM Therapy approach I help people, every day, to acquire the emotional tools required to reach that inner peace they so much need and to find their path to happiness. Every day I see genuine transformations happening ... I see people freeing themselves of the medication they had been taking for years and to regain the control of their life! Now I feel my profession makes perfect sense because I “place” people back on their way through an emotional rebalancing, helping them to find their peace, their wellbeing and their way to happiness!"

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