Dra. Cécile Domingues

Clinical Director


Senior Psyhcotherapist

PhD in Psychology

Clinical Director



Degree in Clinical psychology

Master in Psychology and Psychotherapy

PhD in Psychology

Senior specialist in HBM Therapy

Senior Specialist in Athenese and Morfese

Researcher at Master HBM Research

Email address: Ceciledomingues@clinicadamente.com


“I have always had curiosity to understand the human behaviour. The reason we are as we are, who we are, what drives us and what distinguishes us from one another. My entire academic career has been oriented in a way to have this understanding. However, I felt that sometimes the answers to my “whys” persisted into a nebulous theoretical and philosophical abstraction. Since working at Clínica da Mente with the HBM approach I was able to get these answers: we are the product of all the experiences we live; we are our personality, the reflection of our experiences, beliefs and values; and what drives us every day is our relentless pursuit to achieve a state of balance and assertiveness, in summary to be happy. These were my answers. My goal as a psychotherapist is to help each person to achieve their well-being, their balance, feeling free to follow their path in an assertive manner. One day, I was asked if I remembered a story of life that had impressed me. In fact, I found myself thinking about this question for a while, and what I find is that all the stories I have heard so far have impressed me... not because of the story itself, but for the suffering that people carried. All the people who decide to sit before me share more than a personal story; they share intense negative emotions that are limiting them in their pursuit of happiness. Therefore, I cannot say what is the most outstanding story ... But I can recall the suffering that people carry because of the obsessive thoughts they did not want to have, of the weight of negative emotions, of the tears, of the heavy eyes, of the anguish, of the behaviours of despair they bring to the assessment session.

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