Dra. Carla Oliveira


Senior psychotherapist

Master in Psychology


Degree in Psychology

Degree in Social Anthropology

Master Degree in Clinical Psychology

Graduate degree in Neuropsychology

Graduate degree in Psycho-Geriatric

Senior specialist in HBM Therapy

Senior Specialist in Athenese and Morfese

Researcher at Master HBM Research

Contact: Carlaoliveira@clinicadamente.com


“It was through the Anthropology of Emotions where feelings are tributaries of the social relations and of the social context in which they emerge, that I became involved in Psychology, understanding the plurality of cultural expressions of emotions between groups, in the same group and in the individual. The more I was deepening my studies the more I verified the importance of emotions in our behaviours and vice-versa. We tend to act and behave in accordance with what we feel to be good or bad for us! And it is in this double game between good and bad, between denial and motivation that we move our life. Except that sometimes, conditioned by our "feelings" (emotions), associated with experiences that we live we remain imprisoned to a certain path, a winding path that controls and dominates us, making it hard to get out of it!... Let's look at the example of the expression of panic. Those who already experienced the feeling of panic certainly know the discomfort and terror associated with feeling of impending danger, powerlessness and a strong instinctive urge to escape. The onset of seizures is of such suddenness that in a few minutes it is reached a peak of fear so intense that traps us to the fear of feeling that fear again. These intense emotions, submerged in the feeling of fear, without there being any real imminent danger, lead to the fear of dying, losing control or going crazy. The feeling of powerlessness is installed and it is gradually lost the hope of one day returning to control the body and thoughts. At Clínica da Mente through the HBM approach we promote the awareness of the vital necessities of every human being, allowing the body the task of expressing and communicating emotions in a healthy and adaptive manner, with the self and the other, towards the path of well-being, towards a self-consciousness that frees the behaviours that harm the person. We promote salutary forms of psychological balance overcoming obstacles and dealing with the adversities inherent to life. We all want to be happy! And the Happiness is the path...”

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