Dr. Pedro Brás

Master Psychotherapist

CEO Master HBM Research


Master in HBM Therapy and HBM Coaching

Master in Morfese and Athenese; Master in Clinical Hypnosis

From an early age became interested in the human behaviour. Has investigated the phenomena of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming and created a revolutionary mapping model of the human mind.

Founder of Master HBM Research

Email Adress: Pedrobras@clinicadamente.com


“From early on I realised that the experiences we live throughout life make us who we are today. So our brain is just an organ that accumulates and processes these experiences, the product of this processing is the mind. When I was talking to people who told me they were sad, they had fears, I could feel that the problem had nothing to do with their brain but with the experiences they lived. So, I questioned myself: why do they take medication for the brain if their problems are the experiences they lived in the past and which still disturb them?

With this in mind I studied in depth how our mind works and developed techniques that allow people to get out of the negative states in which they are. I feel happy because I could create Clínica da Mente, a place where I and my colleagues practice these techniques and help those who come to us to find their happiness. ”

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